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Welcome to everyone to our server website!
Every week there is news on our minecraft server,and be sure to subscribe to my chanell------- ... B-bt19O9j8FUyRmHOrtA cool videos,and much more stuff coming soon.

Where to contact me.
YOUTUBE---- ... B-bt19O9j8FUyRmHOrtA
TWITTER---- ... r4569
INSTAGRAM--- ... iuzz33
GOOGLE+--- ... /0/?tab=wX
Chat box feature.
You can chat every day on my website,with your friends .

Invite your friends!
invite more people to have fun and chat or play our minecraft server.

Our minecraft server.
Our server isn't allways online but i'ts online 3 days per week .SERVER IP------

About my youtube carrer.
I started making videos last month ,and from that day my youtube chanell kept growing bigger and bigger,it's been a lot of fun making videos i love all my fans and subscribers so be sure to subscribe today to become a gamer!

We're here to help you!
We're always on hand to give you help and answer your questions. Please visit the iClan Websites Support Forums if you need help. Also, premium customers benefit from our super speedy customer support. We usually reply to support tickets within a few hours for premium customers.

Have fun on my website every day! and play our server!
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